Review: Blackfoot is missing by William Owen

This book is a work of fiction looking at the special operations forces working in Northern Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos near the end of the war. The author provides and excellent view into the fictional world of these actors with a guiding principle of the realities of war. If you are looking for a blood and guts sleigh ride to ramboville this is not the book for you. However if you are interested in the travails of combat through the lens of fiction this book may interest you.

The book is not easy to find. I had to use an overseas (to me) source in England to get my copy. The book was written several years ago by a prolific non-fiction author William Owen. Mr. Owen a well thought of military member currently living in Israel provides a view into the lives of several fictional characters while staying true to the grit of war. Unfortunately this genre all to often is filled with blood and guts fiascos that make the timid reality of real combat less than it seems while reality is much more than it appears. 

I found the book to be an excellent addition to my small fiction library. Currently the book is going through the acid test in the hands of my father who has “been there done that” as a special forces soldier in early Vietnam. The book if you can find it is a recommended book for the excellent story portrayed.

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