Book: Threats in the age of Obama

A new book is out “Threats in the age of Obama” with chapters by many fine writers. The book is a look at the national security implications and issues from some outsiders and former insiders. The book has articles on a variety of threats to the national interest covering a wide scope of issues and problems for the future.

I am pretty excited to see this book come out.  The list of contributors is a mil blogger, intelligence community who’s whom of talented individuals. These are some of the most talented bloggers around. Dan tdaxp, Christopher Albon, Matt Armstrong, Matthew Burton, Molly Cernicek, Christopher Corpora, Shane Deichman, Adam Elkus, Matt Devost, Bob Gourley, Art Hutchinson, Tom Karako, Carolyn Leddy, Adrian Martin, Gunnar Peterson, Cheryl Rofer, Mark Safranski, Steve Schippert, Tim Stevens, and Shlok Vaidya. And last, but really first, editor, contributor and chief cat-herder, Michael Tanji. With the list of contributors it should be a pretty big hit.

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