A round table to bring ideas forward: The Chicagoboyz examine Clausewitz

The Chicagoboyz are hosting the round table I’m looking forward to the adventure of bouncing some ideas off them. For the purposes of the round table I will be posting at Chicagoboys. I will post an abstract here and link to the Chicagoboyz post. The chancellor at Purdue University Calumet each year picks three faculty to lead a round table with students. The chancellors reading circle is a wonderful examination of literature where a variety of topics can be discussed between faculty and students. Last year I had the wonderful honor to be involved. This year I have taken on the challenge to examine “On War” by Clausewitz with the Chicagoboyz

Some key points to my perspective. I am interested in what Clausewitz had to say. There are a variety of other conflicting opinions that may be perfectly valid, but this is study of what his theories say. My crucible to test his ideas will vacillate between low intensity conflict and cyber warfare. I personally own four different translations of “On War”. So, yes I have read it a few times before. What will a long dead military theoretician have to tell us about the current day? History is the stream of consciousness that infests the mind with the rampant desire to move forward even as we live ever so momentously in the past. The words of Clausewitz floating forward through time is one of those thin threads of connection. 

Let the reading begin. Let the learning continue. Let the discussion flourish.

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